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About Inflamed Sisters Thriving

Inflamed Sisters Thriving Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to empowering women living with autoimmune diseases and chronic illnesses. Our vibrant community serves as a safe space of support, fostering resilience and celebrating the strength of sisterhood. Beyond providing an inclusive space for women to connect, we provide a platform where entrepreneurial success and well-being meet. We also champion projects that support diverse and inclusive medical research, advancing knowledge and understanding of chronic health conditions for all. Inflamed Sisters Thriving is a safe space where women can thrive despite the challenges posed by chronic health conditions. Our mission is to create a sisterhood where women uplift and inspire one another, where challenges are met with resilience, and where every woman, regardless of her health journey, can thrive.

Our Mission

At Inflamed Sisters Thriving Inc., our mission is to be a beacon of compassion and empowerment for women navigating the complexities of autoimmune diseases and chronic illnesses. We are committed to creating a warm and supportive community that not only offers solace in shared experiences but also actively empowers women to embrace their health challenges with resilience and courage.

Through educational resources and a dedication to fostering a sisterhood of understanding, we aim to illuminate the path toward holistic well-being. Our vision is to inspire a profound sense of self-advocacy, instill a resilient spirit, and empower each woman to thrive amidst the unique challenges presented by chronic health conditions, ensuring that no one faces their journey alone.

Moreover, we aspire to uplift and guide women in achieving their goals in business, fostering an environment where entrepreneurial dreams can flourish alongside personal well-being. In doing so, we strive to cultivate a community where every woman not only survives but thrives in the face of chronic illnesses, embracing a life filled with purpose, health, and success.

Advocates for Women’s Health

Meet the board members of Inflamed Sisters Thriving.

Catina Morrison, RN, BSN, President of Inflamed Sisters Thriving

Catina is a registered nurse (RN, BSN) with over 23 years of experience in the healthcare industry while courageously battling multiple chronic illnesses. With her vast healthcare expertise and a business background, she’s embarked on a profound mission to uplift the chronic illness community and guide aspiring entrepreneurs toward their dreams. She is the CEO of Nurse Loves Essentials and host of Inflamed Sisters Thriving Podcast. Catina is currently an Executive MBA Student at Quantic School of Business and Technology.

Catina’s has an unwavering commitment to establishing nurturing environments where women can wholeheartedly pursue their goals without compromising their health. Through the application of proven mindset, self-advocacy, health and business strategies, Catina stands as your ally, helping you amplify your voice and flourish in both health and entrepreneurship. As a Community Architect, she excels in networking, forming invaluable partnerships, and fostering compassionate communities. Catina’s dedication extends to building strong alliances with organizations supporting those impacted by autoimmune diseases, supporting diversity and inclusion in research, and sharing her wealth of experience as an expert speaker.

Catina established the Inflamed Sisters Thriving non-profit organization to bridge the realms of health, entrepreneurship, and community, empowering women to thrive and advocate with unwavering confidence. This community will honor the boundless strength of resilience, where women’s aspirations and well-being harmoniously coexist, despite their health journey.

Ashley Nicole, Master Trainer & Autoimmune Coach

Ashley Nicole is the Founder, Master Trainer and Autoimmune Health Coach of RA Warrior Fitness. She’s NFPT certified specializing in personal training, fitness nutrition, endurance and strength training. She’s overcome many obstacles to maintain and improve her own personal lifestyle while managing RA (rheumatoid arthritis) and lupus.

RA Warrior Fitness was founded on January 27, 2020 with the mission to empower autoimmune women to improve their quality of life through faith, food and fitness. Ashley inspires her Warriors to reach their goals while achieving maximum results and making RHEUM to RISE!

Ashley loves Jesus, family, fitness, food, football and music! Ashley is a professional bodybuilding athlete with the Global Bodybuilding Organization and the Natural Fit Federation. She’s a native of Florence, Alabama and currently resides in Dallas, Texas. Just a Bama girl living in a Texas world and loving it!

Ekeyah Wallace, Certified Project Manager

Ekeyah Wallace is the CEO of Wallace, Johnson & Thomas Investments dedicated to helping others reach success as entrepreneurs. Specializing in empowering first-time entrepreneurs identify business needs and prepare for the joy of long-term success. Ekeyah has been in the corporate and health communities for over 20 years, the health/life insurance industry for over 7 years. Graduating with her degree in International Business, Ekeyah is passionate about encouraging others with the knowledge that she acquired. Attaining her Project Management certifications, (PMP, SCRUM, ITIL) and Insurance certifications opened new doors. As a qualified Project Manager, she worked for one of the country’s major Fortune 500 clinical laboratories while continuing to build her business.

After Ekeyah and her immediate family were diagnosed with rare autoimmune and terminal illnesses, life pivoted. The importance of health and life insurance became a common topic when educating others on how to become successful entrepreneurs. Service to others became the mission; sitting on the board of trustees for colleges, creating/leading several projects to enhance the quality of life for employees and assisting entrepreneurs in beginning their journey has allowed Ekeyah to impact her community. These actions led to opportunities to provide one on one consultations and encourage others through speaking events. Inspiring others to introduce their gift to the world is the goal of entrepreneurship. Ekeyah has found joy in encouraging others to reach this goal while finding efficient resolutions to motivate their progress and empowering others to lead.

Rana Rose, Accountant, MBA

Rana Rose is the owner of Accounting with a Purpose, LLC. She has been an Accounting professional for 30 years who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and an MBA. She has had the opportunity to work for small to medium-sized companies, publicly-traded to private companies, and government entities to nonprofit organizations.  During her last 10 years in corporate, she honed her accounting and budgeting experience with companies in the non-profit and local government sector ensuring fiscal responsibility while streamlining processes, increasing efficiency, and driving growth.  During her corporate career, she’s had the privilege of being the financial steward for budgets ranging from $10M to upwards of $280M. Due to the wealth of knowledge, education, and experience gained on her corporate journey, she decided to use her expertise by pivoting from corporate to becoming an entrepreneur.

With God’s blessing, she started her company Accounting with a Purpose, LLC. Passionate about giving back to her community, her company is based in the greater Dallas, TX area but serve clients across the US. She helps small businesses financially invest in themselves by providing bookkeeping, income tax, and consulting services resulting in revenue growth and tax savings. Her company not only provides businesses with their financial information but serves as their financial partner to guide and educate them to ensure they are equipped with the proper information to make sound business decisions.

Successful small businesses are the goal of her company with nonprofits being near and dear to her heart. It is an honor and privilege for her to serve a nonprofit whose mission and purpose is to help, educate, and advocate for the chronically ill. She looks forward to using her financial expertise to contribute to IST’s success story. 

Camilla Young, HR Director, MBA

As an accomplished HR professional with over 20 years of experience, I bring a proven track record of driving organizational success through strategic human resource management. My passion for fostering a positive workplace culture and aligning HR initiatives with business objectives has consistently yielded impressive results. I hold a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Management a minor in Human Resources Management and MBA from Strayer University and maintained up-to-date knowledge of industry trends and best practices.

I possess a comprehensive skill set in employee relations, performance management, career coaching, employee development, and HR compliance, making me adept at building high-performing teams. My ability to implement effective recruitment strategies, streamline HR processes, and cultivate employee engagement has led to increased productivity and employee satisfaction across various organizations. My dedication to ethical HR practices, coupled with my strong leadership and communication skills, positions me as a valuable asset for any organization seeking to optimize its workforce.

I am dedicated to empowering women in their careers and spiritual growth, I strive to create a positive impact by merging professional success with faith based principles. I believe in giving back to the community through volunteering and mentorship. I am committed to driving HR excellence and fostering a workplace that empowers employees to thrive and have a sense of belonging.

Tresa Dunston, Entrepreneur, Executive Event Design & Planning
Meet Tresa Dunston, the Founder and CEO of C.R.O.W.N Exclusive and Dazzled by Dunston. Previously a certified insurance agent and certified Early Childhood Development Educator, she decided to choose her health and family by taking a leap of faith to follow her passion. She is a seasoned entrepreneur with six years of expertise in the jewelry accessory industry. She’s also ventured into event planning with her new business, Crown Exclusive LLC, drawing upon over 15 years of experience. Beyond her professional pursuits, Tresa is a dedicated mother of four and has been happily married for 26 years. Her life’s mission extends beyond success, as she endeavors to be the best version of herself, inspiring others to discover their passion, purpose, and thrive in their own unique journeys.
Dr. LaShawn Weaver Lee, OB/GYN

Dr. LaShawn A. Weaver-Lee is a board-certified OB/GYN who currently practices in Kinston, NC, where she is Chief Medical Officer of the Kinston Community Health Center. She completed her undergraduate degree in Microbiology at Howard University in Washington, D.C. She spent several years working as a marine biologist in Charleston, SC, but fulfilled her dream of going to medical school in 2000 at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. She earned her MD degree there in 2004. She completed her OB/GYN residency in 2008 at East Carolina University located in Greenville, NC and has been board-certified since 2010. She has a passion for taking care of women and ensuring their maximal health – both in their childbearing and non-childbearing years.

Dr. Weaver-Lee was born and raised in Washington, D.C., where her family still resides. She is married and has a daughter and grandson.

Stesha Jean Baptiste, Graphic Designer
I am a graphic designer who lives for creativity and artistry. My passion began at a young age through doodling, sketching, and crafting. As an adult, I turned that passion into my career as a graphic designer.

While I love my work, I also face challenges due to a chronic illness that affects me physically and emotionally, which makes even simplest of tasks feel monumental. However, I refuse to let it dampen my spirit or redefine me. My role as a wife and mother also inspire me to take care of myself. I understand that in order to be there for my family, I must prioritize my own well-being.

Creativity is a choice, and I choose to live my life as colorfully, wholeheartedly and authentically as possible.

Gabrielle Davis, Corporate Communications Lead and Lupus/Patient Advocate

Gabrielle Davis is a former news journalist, turned lupus and patient advocate who uses her experience of living with lupus, chronic illness and an invisible disease to candidly spread awareness, particularly among underserved, minority communities.

Diagnosed in 2009 as a 27-year-old newlywed, Gabrielle began her social media presence under Lupus Sistas, to connect, educate and support the lupus community. While her passion is connecting and supporting the lupus community, Gabrielle has worked to provide lupus education and awareness in her local community and on the national stage. She is a former board member of the Lupus Foundation of Florida and is active with the Lupus Foundation of America’s Central Florida Chapter.

Legislatively, Gabrielle has advocated for lupus research and funding in Washington, DC, and has partnered with pharmaceutical companies to provide a patient perspective on lupus nephritis and lupus medications.

Dr. Kimberly Philips, MD

Dr. Kimberly A. Phillips is a board-certified Family Physician who has been practicing medicine for over 28 years. She lives in central Florida with her husband Dr. Harold E. Phillips, Jr, MD and they raised three beautiful children together. Dr. Phillips is a native of Detroit Michigan where she had a dream of becoming a doctor since the second grade. After High School she attended Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee where she obtained her undergraduate degree in chemistry. From there Dr. Phillips was proudly accepted to and graduated from Meharry Medical College. She met and married her husband, Dr. Harold Phillips, a day before graduation. They moved to Houston Texas where they both completed residency in Family Medicine. Upon graduation from residency, she moved to Connecticut with her husband to work in an underserved area on a National Public Health Scholarship. They practiced in Connecticut for over 20 years.

After miraculously recovering from a life-threatening illness, she went back to school and obtained her master’s degree in human nutrition. After obtaining her degree, her and her husband spent several years helping hundreds of patients improve their health though bridging the gap between nutritional medicine and traditional family medicine. Helping patient’s loss weight has become her passion. She has personally declared war on obesity. Dr. Phillips struggled with weight and body image issues most of her life and as a result of her studies and personal victories, she developed the Victory Diet System. The goal of the Victory Diet system is to help people get healthy so that they can live the lives they were meant to live without being burdened by avoidable medical problems.

Natalie Rosado, LMHC

Natalie Rosado, LMHC is a highly experienced licensed mental health therapist with a rich history of over 13 years in the field, dedicating her practice, Tampa Counseling Place, LLC, to making a positive impact in the Tampa Bay area. Her counseling expertise spans various clinical settings, encompassing community centers, residential programs, church ministries, and private practice. Natalie holds a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from the University of South Florida and an additional Master’s degree in Sociology from Boston College. Her commitment to professional development is evident through her qualification as a supervisor accredited by the Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage & Family Therapy, and Mental Health Counseling. This accreditation grants her the privilege of mentoring and training the next generation of licensed therapists. As the proud owner of a diverse group counseling practice in Tampa, Natalie provides a broad spectrum of services to the local community. Her practice serves as a hub for individuals seeking support and guidance, reflecting her dedication to fostering mental health and well-being.

Beyond her clinical work, Natalie channels her passion for social impact into philanthropic endeavors. She is deeply committed to using her education and training to uplift and encourage women belonging to marginalized and minority social groups. Natalie’s philanthropic spirit extends beyond her professional realm as she actively engages in community service. She has played integral roles in local initiatives, partnering with organizations such as Metropolitan Ministries and participating in community outreach projects. Furthermore, her commitment transcends borders, with Natalie contributing her skills and expertise to international opportunities aimed at helping families in need.

Anyone who knows Natalie is aware that she possesses a heart dedicated to serving others through compassion, empathy, and a relentless drive to make a positive difference in the lives of those she encounters. Her unwavering commitment to community well-being, coupled with her professional expertise, distinguishes Natalie Rosado as a compassionate therapist and a dedicated advocate for social change.

Lisa Campbell, MHA, RN, NC-BC

Lisa is a seasoned Registered Nurse who’s expertise and experience span over two decades, as an educator, executive leader, and mentor. Her desire to highlight the positive impact of holistic and integrative care led her to elevate her nursing practice by earning the nationally recognized board certification of Nurse Coach through the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation. Lisa also holds a Master of Healthcare Administration degree.
As a catalyst and advocate for holistic health and wellness, Lisa supports individuals, groups, and organizations through a transformative journey, to understand unmanaged stress, process trauma, and learn about the impact of holistic practices and nervous system regulation on wellbeing and success.

Lisa is the CEO and founder of CARE Leadership Consulting, LLC and author of the S.T.A.R.T. with YOU! Self-Care Journal and framework. Lisa empowers her clients with the tools and knowledge needed to not just “get by” but to thrive. Her approach focuses on uncovering barriers to creating actionable steps towards achieving optimal health, to lead fulfilling lives, develop meaningful relationships, and live life WELL!

As a wife and mother of two busy teenagers, when Lisa is not brainstorming on ways to fulfill her God-given assignment, she is hanging out with her family, singing, running, or enjoying nature.

Bethany DeCola, Project & SCRUM Manager

Bethany’s love for computers started at a young age and she quickly developed a passion for programming and web design. She pursued her interest in information technology by enrolling at the University of Phoenix and specializing in computer hardware. Throughout her career, Bethany has worked in various sectors, including legal, financial, and tech.

During the pandemic, Bethany decided to focus more on helping organizations and development teams by providing workshops, organizational plans, and team mentoring to implement the Scrum framework successfully. This led to the creation of Scrum As You Are, a digital transformation agency that provides small businesses with a one-stop-shop for everything they need to exist online, including social media, technical project management, copywriting services, web development and design, and software solutions.

Bethany’s goal is to help reduce customer and employee frustration with products and services by building better teams that focus on self-organization to produce better outcomes. With her passion for technology and her dedication to improving team productivity, Bethany continues to make a positive impact in the tech industry.

Geneva Bell, Fractional CMO & Marketing Consultant for Health & Wellness Brands

Geneva Bell, a seasoned marketing consultant and Fractional CMO, brings over ten years of expertise in the field. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Media Communications from Full Sail University. Her comprehensive background encompasses both traditional and digital marketing, public relations, and SEO, offering a well-rounded perspective in the marketing domain.

Geneva helps health and wellness brands streamline and elevate their marketing efforts, ensuring consistency and innovation, so they can effectively engage their audience and grow their businesses.

With Geneva’s expertise in developing comprehensive marketing strategies and providing staff augmentation for seamless implementation, she empowers health and wellness brands to find their unique voice and message, saving them time and resources.

She has a passion for transforming the marketing challenges of health and wellness brands into opportunities for success and growth.

Dr. Saarah Nicolas, Psychologist
Dr. Saarah Nicolas, is the owner of Mindful Roots Counseling, a virtual private practice based in Tampa Bay. Dr. Nicolas is a licensed trauma-focused psychologist in evidence-based treatments designed to help clients feel better faster than traditional talk therapy. With over ten years of experience, Dr. Saarah has developed strong expertise in complex trauma and PTSD, with an additional specialization in culturally responsive care. I also treat disorders such as OCD, anxiety, and depression that commonly co-occur with trauma. Dr. Saarah received her undergrad from the University of Central Florida and her Ph.D. from the University of Southern Mississippi, nationally recognized as a top-ranking counseling psychology graduate program. Dr. Saarah began her career at the Bay Pines and Tampa Veteran Affairs healthcare systems. Here she specialized in treating individuals with some of the most complex trauma backgrounds, who came from around the country to receive the evidence-based treatments that she now provides in private practice. She has also worked in corporate environments helping people to overcome feelings of imposter syndrome, work-life balance, burnout, and relationship and identity development concerns.

Dr. Saarah is a Jamaican-born immigrant to Florida with a passion for culture and people. When she’s not busy changing lives, she enjoys personal fitness, and traveling with friends and family.

The only change to be made is next year we will need a bigger venue because it will be absolutely outstanding. Thanks Catina for your dynamic wisdom, networking and entrepreneurship for bringing so many like-minded individuals and companies together. Looking forward to many years to come.

Daryl Jones, Body Health Options

✓ Verified Partner

I loved that the event was full of a variety of speakers/vendors. It really touched on all aspects of living with a chronic illness. I liked that there was a nice mix of speakers across a wide rage of topics (finances, physical fitness, medical, mindset, business, etc). The decorations were great and the right vibe was set as soon as we walked into the event. The evening gala was absolutely gorgeous. And the FOOD was

April Michelle

April Michelle, Virtually April

✓ Verified Partner

I loved that there was an array of educated women to learn from and network with. Everything was great!

Rana Rose headshot

Rana Rose, Accounting with a Purpose

✓ Verified Partner

I loved networking with other chronic illness warriors and professionals. All the speakers were dynamic and engaging. I learned so much and excited to relive it through the replay! The gala was a blast and a great way to end an amazing day. The meal was on point at the gala! Also loved the silent auction addition. LOVE the purple theme and having another opportunity to network. And of course, the DJ and dancing the night away 🙂

Ashley Nicole headshot

Ashley Nicole, RA Warrior Fitness

✓ Verified Partner

I love the knowledge that I was able to receive and the networking. I enjoyed the people, the option to buy from vendors, the food and being able to take pictures. I love dressing up.

Bianca Morrison

Bianca Morrison, Notary 24

✓ Verified Partner

Very informative and encouraging. Women from different backgrounds and cultures were able to relate and uplift each other.

Stesha Kay

Stesha Kay, Little Mainstreet Dreams

✓ Verified Partner

You have helped me to advocate for myself, especially, when it comes to work and even with doctors. I’m able to speak up more because I’m coming prepared. You have helped me to appreciate and I’m really comfortable to know myself a lot more with this new body, and to really give myself grace. You have really given me the tools to not just survive, but thrive with chronic illness.


✓ Verified Partner

Catina, is such a powerful woman. She is very knowledgeable. She is also very caring towards others and willing to help in any way that she can. Catina has inspired me to stay motivated through health issues and write a blog. I am so grateful for her. If you are in need of someone who truly cares and has a desire to help, Catina is perfect.

Alisha Campbell

✓ Verified Partner

I was so excited because Catina had this inviting spirit about her. In talking to Catina I knew I needed to make some serious changes. I wake up, make my bed, stretch, journal, pray, meditate, reflect on what my day will look like and write my affirmations. I know in order for me to change my mindset on my pain I need to have daily task to help me keep going. I know I will always suffer from RA, anxiety and depression and am now working with my doctor, but I will not let it take over my life.”

Vanessa Neher

✓ Verified Partner

Working with Catina has been a wonderful experience from the start.

She delivered everything she promised, but she didn’t stop there. She took the time to get to know our product and company mission, facilitating collaborations with other business owners, connecting me to people who could help my business grow, providing materials from her business development courses, inviting us to speak at her events, and more. We saw more sales and engagement and grew our followers through her work.

Business things aside, she is A DREAM to communicate with and a wonderful person. I’m very happy to have her as part of our community and to be part of hers.


Nicole Cartwright

Nicole Cartwright, Powderful

✓ Verified Partner

I am very pleased to provide a reference for Catina Morrison of Nurse Loves Essentials. During my relationship with Catina, I have been able to elevate in many ways. I am truly privileged to work with her. As my Coach, she has motivated me to push past doubts and propel myself forward.

My business has grown, and many new opportunities have opened for me. Through working with Catina, I learned to serve my community better, from a genuine place that fits my personal life experiences. This has allowed me to connect with my audience in a more effective manner.

Her programs get results, and she helps Business Owners on a personal and professional level. Her tools and trainings are amazing. One thing that I appreciate about the method Catina uses to teach is that it is always concise. I am never overwhelmed. She gives a person just enough to digest and implement.

Catina has created a wonderful community that I am truly grateful to be part of.  I will always come back for more as I continue to soar.

Andrea Doctor, Wrapped in Chic

✓ Verified Partner

Catina facilitated multiple collaborations for ImYoo by connecting us to her extensive network within the wellness community.

She helped us fundraise by coaching our community members. This really showcased Catina’s skills in stakeholder management and organization.

Catina cleverly pointed us in the direction of a more personalized marketing campaign that highlighted the experiences of our Autoimmune Warriors. From ideation to execution, she turned this concept into clear messaging for our brand.

With Catina’s help, we didn’t just grow our social media following– we gained followers who are truly invested in our company. 

Style of work:

Catina is committed and diligent. When she sets her mind to a task, she works around the clock to accomplish it. She doesn’t simply put in the bare minimum.

Catina is great at communicating upfront and is very responsive throughout the project. She is genuine, passionate, and persuasive. 

You would be very lucky to have her amplify the voice of your company.


Emily Harari

Emily Harari, ImYoo

✓ Verified Partner