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Inflamed Sisters Thriving Community

Join the Inflamed Sisters Thriving Community, a vibrant sisterhood where wellness meets entrepreneurship. Access our dynamic community platform, virtual and in-person events, tap into expert resources, and engage with a network that thrives together.

Stop Hiding. Start Thriving.

A sisterhood where women uplift and inspire one another, where challenges are met with resilience, and where every woman, regardless of her health journey, can thrive. The following will be included:

Inflamed Sisters Thriving – The Community

The Inflamed Sisters Thriving Community is a safe space for women living with autoimmune and chronic illnesses to thrive in their health and business. Gain access to our community platform, events, expert resources, networking, and more.

Inflamed Sisters Thriving in Social Media & Business and more courses to come…

This course will provide you the tools to stop hiding and start thriving in your business as you implement the social media strategies found in its content. A workbook is included as a companion to this course to get the maximum benefit. Learn the Inflamed Sisters Thriving (IST) Social Media Strategy with recorded videos, Masterclasses and a workbook that teaches you how to effectively market your business on social media and achieve your goals consistently without sacrificing your health. 

Exclusive Access to Inflamed Sisters Thriving Replays

Gain exclusive access to replays of past recorded Inflamed Sisters Thriving events and unlock a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration at your fingertips. Delve into insightful discussions, expert presentations, and empowering workshops from the comfort of your home. With on-demand access to event replays, you can revisit valuable content, catch up on sessions you missed, and continue your journey towards thriving despite chronic illness. Don’t miss out on this valuable resource—join our community today!

What you can expect?

We uplift and guide women in achieving their goals in business, fostering an environment where entrepreneurial dreams can flourish alongside overall health and well-being. We provide a safe space where every woman can not only survive but thrive in the face of chronic illnesses, embracing a life filled with purpose, health, and success.

It is vital to know the IST Community is not just for women living with chronic illnesses. It is for all women who desire to thrive personally and professionaly without sacrificing their health.

Access to our community platform, educational courses, and expert resources.

Exclusive free monthly virtual events.

Discounts on in-person events and retreats.

Membership includes one free in-person event annually, after 3 months of uninterrupted membership. This excludes the Summit and Gala and retreats.

Exclusive access to replays for all recorded events on the membership platform.

The chance to network, collaborate, and thrive with motivated, high-achieving and influential women.

A monthly Inflamed Sisters Thriving Spotlight featured in the IST blog and IST Resources page.

Corporate Partners receive access to events, speaker opportunities, vendor booths, featured marketing on our platforms and events, community access for up to 5 team members employees and can be gifted to up to 5 chronic illness advocates/warriors.

Pricing Options

Elevate your journey with the Inflamed Sisters Thriving Community and select the membership that best suits your needs. Opt for our annual membership at $299.99, a monthly membership at $29.99. Or explore our exclusive IST Corporate Partners option for only $3500 to receive year-round benefits for your company and team. Join us in empowering women and fostering resilience – become a part of our thriving community today.







$299.99 / year

Annual Membership

$29.99 / month

Monthly Membership

$3,500.00 / year

Corporate Partner


What is Inflamed Sisters Thriving?

Inflamed Sisters Thriving is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women facing autoimmune diseases and chronic illnesses. We provide a supportive community, resources for health and business, and actively contribute to diverse and inclusive medical research.

How can I verify your 501(c)(3) status?

Inflamed Sisters Thriving Inc. received 501(c)(3) status effective 11/6/2023 issued on 12/13/2023 by the IRS. You will be able to confirm by entering our Employee ID number (EIN) 93-4611442 on the IRS Tax Exempt Organization Search Tool using this link Tax Exempt Organization Search | Internal Revenue Service ( by 2/12/2024. Until then you can request a copy of the determination letter from us by emailing

How can I get involved with Inflamed Sisters Thriving?

You can get involved by becoming a member of our community, participating in our events, making a donation, or volunteering your time and skills. Check our “Get Involved” page for more details.

What types of resources do you offer for health and business?

We offer a range of resources, including educational content, expert insights, and networking opportunities. Whether you’re looking for wellness tips or business advice, we strive to provide valuable information to support your journey.

How does Inflamed Sisters Thriving support medical research?
We actively contribute to inclusive medical research by partnering with organizations and initiatives focused on autoimmune diseases and chronic illnesses. A portion of our funds is directed towards supporting research and awareness campaigns.
How are donations used by Inflamed Sisters Thriving?

Donations play a crucial role in supporting our mission. They are used to organize events, create educational content, contribute to medical research initiatives, and provide assistance to women in need. Visit our “Get Involved” page for more information.

How can I stay updated on events and news from Inflamed Sisters Thriving?

You can stay informed by subscribing to our newsletter, following us on social media, and regularly checking our website for updates. We share event announcements, success stories, and relevant news to keep our community engaged. Visit our Events page for details on upcoming events.

Is Inflamed Sisters Thriving only for those with autoimmune diseases?
While our primary focus is on supporting women with autoimmune diseases and chronic illnesses, our community is open to all who are passionate about our mission. We believe in the power of diverse perspectives and shared experiences.

These FAQs provide a brief overview, and for more detailed information, please explore our website or contact us directly.

Why Isn't Your Community Free?

We do our best to keep the cost of running our nonprofit low so that we can provide affordable monthly, annual and corporate partner/sponsor options. These fees help us to manage our website and community platform, produce courses, provide affordable yet exquisite events, and fund our mission. In addition, it offers the opportunity for professionals despite their health journey or financial status to have access to the health education and business resources and support they need to thrive.